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Major-Life Purchases
Putting Consumer Privacy First Leads to More Satisfied Customers: We’ve entered an era where brands must utilize data properly or risk losing customers—it’s that simple. Privacy protection has serious implications and has become the “new strategic priority.”

Rewriting the Rules for Digital Advertising: The industry simply must come together around an end-to-end rules-based platform for marketing that connects brands and agencies through tech to media and consumers with accountability and transparency at each point across the media supply chain.
My Life Insurance Buying Journey: Today, the best marketers are using behavioral data to align their outreach to when the consumer is actually shopping, and basing their messaging on the stage of the buying journey the consumer is actively in.

How Insurers Can Win Over Gen Z Consumers: The “experience economy” is here. It’s fundamentally changing how companies go to market, influence their buyers and engage people throughout the customer journeys.
Consumer Finance
The Risk of TCPA Litigation in Mortgage is Increasing: Every time you call a consumer you are likely putting your business at risk of severe legal and financial damage.

California’s Great Data-privacy Rush: As lenders look ahead to 2020, they can thank a well-known whistleblower for the next big compliance challenge the industry will face.
What to Expect When Paying for College in 2020: In this presidential election year, more financial aid dollars and heightened attention to student loan debt are expected.

The Future (Revisited) of Online Education: How to design a state-of-the-art asynchronous online course.
What Does the Future Hold for the Automotive Industry? It is no longer a question of how, but when. It is now apparent that pioneering innovations are possible, and all that remains is the commercialization of innovator’s concepts.

The Auto Industry Hasn't had a Year Like 2019 in Quite Some Time, if Ever: Mergers. Alliances. Plant closings. The longest, largest strike in decades.
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