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Major-Life Purchases
Top 7 Tips to Improve Customer Experience (CX) in 2020: Improving customer experience (CX) means improving people, processes, product, and delivery to customer, such that it helps improve satisfaction, loyalty and helps achieve the overall business goals.

Twilio Study Finds Consumers Prefer Email and Text When Communicating With Brands: An overwhelming majority of consumers report that they are annoyed by the current communications they receive from businesses.
How to Improve the Customer Journey: Ways to make sure customers are truly the focus of your business during every touchpoint with your brand.

The Last Frontier In Customer-Centric Buying Experiences: Today, many of the funded insurtech companies gaining the most traction have effectively improved the user experience, especially the front end "get a quote" functionality.
Consumer Finance
The Personal Touch: When it comes to marketing, the challenges of standing out from the crowd are as daunting within the mortgage industry as they are in other fields. How can you break through the noise?

More First Time Homebuyers Enlisting Help From Family, Friends: Home prices are rising with no signs of slowing, and affordability is getting worse each month, causing potential homebuyers to turn to family or even friends to come up with a down payment.
Forget Free College: The future of the U.S. workforce depends on a higher education worth paying for.

7 Ways to Boost Your PPC for Higher Education Strategy: Marketers in higher education live in a complicated world. The job of attracting enrollments, managing advertising budgets, and optimizing campaigns for an array of target audiences is challenging.
Millennials Want to Own Vehicles, Survey Says: Millennials, representing 30% of the global population, seem to be embracing vehicle ownership as much as prior generations, even if they live in cities.

Toyota Motors to See Top Line Growth Amid Auto Industry Slowdown? Yes, Toyota Motor Corporation, whose stock currently trades at around $140, is expected to see a modest growth of 4.2% to its Top line.
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